CI50 in Toronto

CI50 will be the international gathering in celebration of the 50th anniversary of contact improvisation, in 2022.

This Web site is created to perpetuate the rumor that it will be hosted in Toronto, Canada. The hope is that if enough people spread the rumor, it will become reality.

Why Toronto?

  1. Toronto has an extraordinarily deep bench of experienced organizers. Toronto has between 3 and 4 jams per week, the longest of which has been running continuously for over 30 years. And the Ontario Regional Contact Jam, with an organizing crew of something like 10 people, has been hosting jams of more than 200 people for the last few years. The 2017 ORCJ had around 300 participants.
  2. Toronto is a large, cosmopolitan city, with plenty of food and housing options. Torontonians are used to foreigners, and will be able to handle folks from any country with politeness and friendliness. Restaurant options are abundant, including fantastic East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian food, many choices for those with special diets, and shwarma available virtually everywhere.
  3. Toronto has a large, diverse contact improvisation community, perhaps the most diverse in the world.
  4. Toronto has a large, international airport close to the city. No driving for two or three hours after you land.
  5. Toronto has good public transportation options, which not only will take you around the city easily, but will get you to and from the airport. No car rentals necessary! Streetcars run late and are fast and simple, and are supplemented by bus and subway.
  6. Toronto is clean, safe, and easily navigated. It’s laid out on a large grid system and simple to figure out.
  7. The relatively weak Canadian dollar makes things pretty cheap for folks coming from the U.S. and Europe.
  8. Toronto has the National Ballet School, with numerous beautiful sunlit studios (SO MANY) in a centrally-accessible location, in a wheelchair accessible building. Very few other cities in the world have a location with as much studio space, let alone in an accessible venue. The Ontario Regional Contact Jam has been renting from the National Ballet School for a few years now. Yes, the floors are marley, but they’re all sprung, and so much better than European gym floors. In addition:
    • the views from the D-block studios are gorgeous, with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on to the street
    • the couches are unaccountably comfortable
    • sunlight everywhere
    • everything is clean, including (critically) the bathrooms
    • big cafeteria space for hanging out and discussion
    • great food options nearby, including shwarma
  9. I don’t want to have to go all the way to Europe. I’m too old.

Toronto has a rare combination of characteristics that may not be replicated anywhere else in the world. And did I mention I don’t want to have to go all the way to Europe?

Let’s have CI50 in Toronto. In 2022.

What you can do

    • Spread the rumor. Talk about how CI50 will be in Toronto in your home jams, local and international Facebook groups and mailing lists, and at festivals and multi-day jams. Phrases to use:
      • “Have you heard CI50 will be in Toronto?”
      • “Did you know that they’re starting to plan CI50 for Toronto in 2022? They’re really on the ball this time.”
      • “I’m so glad I don’t have to go all the way to Europe — CI50 is going to be in Toronto, Canada. No more European gym floors! I’m too old for that.”
      • “Have you seen Being Erica or Kim’s Convenience? Toronto looks so beautiful — I’m excited to go there for CI50.”
      • Les canadiens parlent français, bien sûr. Allons à Toronto pour CI50!
    • Post to the Toronto Facebook group about how excited you would be to see CI50 in Toronto. Volunteer to help!
    • Attend the Ontario Regional Contact Jam to check out the city and the venue. Talk up CI50 there. Spread the rumor some more.
    • Circulate this Web site.
    • Until 2022, help out CI50 in Toronto with logistical support, publicity, networking, organizing, donations, or whatever else may be necessary. It will be a lot of work, and take many people involved to help it happen. But it should be exciting to host, kind of like the Olympics of contact improvisation.